Senior Project Manager (Complex Jetty Project)

Location: London
Job Type: Contract
Industry: Civil Engineering | Construction | Energy
Reference: TA-PMST/DAGJT_1613061562
Salary: Negotiable
Job Published: February 11, 2021 04:39

The Highfield Company are delighted to be working exclusively with Stolthaven, Dagenham (London) who are embarking on an exciting project to upgrade its historical jetty. This will be a challenging project involving both a civil as well as a mechanical scope in an operational environment. For this project, we are recruiting for a (senior) Project Manager.

This will be a temporary assignment for the duration of the project (circa 30 months). We expect a project manager to become involved during April 2021. You will be responsible for the project's budget, schedule and scope baselines.

For the duration of this project, you will be reporting to a steering committee consisting of the terminal's General Manager, representatives of Stolthaven's Technical Committee and the Global Asset Management Director. You are responsible for establishing a project team consisting of staff already on site and (if needed) to be recruited.

The project manager should have the ability to quickly adapt to the local business culture, be able to work with all disciplines and adapt communication style accordingly. The PM should be able to clearly explain complex technical matters in a transparent and understandable way to a wide variety of stakeholders.

The Project Manager should have extensive experience of Project Managing complex Jetty Projects

This job scope includes, but is not limited to:

  • Prepare project details, scope documents and cost estimates for the execution of the capex projects together with (main) contractors and other departments and disciplines.
  • Prepare Requests for quotation and other procurement documents in close cooperation with Stolthaven's procurement team.
  • Responsible for coordination of procurement and or contracting of materials and services for your projects together with Stolthaven procurement.
  • Governance on quality and legal and or safety requirements during the whole project including execution.
  • Responsible for commissioning and closing of the project to operations and maintenance and ensure closure of project including timely completing of 'as built files
  • Responsible for leading change process in case of scope change.
  • Responsible for safety, quality, progress and cost control and reporting during the project.
  • Responsible for managing the contracts together with Stolthaven's legal and procurement teams.
  • Sets priorities and project scheduling for completion of projects within required deadlines;
  • Provides input as required to complete monthly cost and schedule tracking reports
  • Responsible for leading project evaluations and Management of Change processes for the projects at hand.
  • Providing feedback on the performance of the Project Team.
  • Jointly with the line manager identify development opportunities for the Project Team
  • Identify and organize training for the Project Team members specific to the project's needs.
  • Conduct peer reviews of projects on adequate re-use of standards, best practices and compliancy with policies.
  • Act as a coach/mentor for assistant Project Managers and/or Project Engineers on project management related matters.
  • Participate in discussions and initiatives of the global Asset Management group to continuously improve Project Management standards and templates.
  • Support or promote innovations, new products and methods related to your projects by meeting with vendors to acquire knowledge to technical advancement, cost control and alternate solutions to typical terminal design and maintenance requirements. Attending continuing education seminars and conferences to acquire knowledge


  • Fast-paced environment with a focus on timely, correct results
  • Technical, intellectual focus and a great deal of attention devoted to getting results that are timely and accurate.
  • Decisions are made based on careful understanding of all available information; detailed technical knowledge; expertise and serious considerations for all sides of the issue/problem
  • Needs time to make the right decision and cannot be pressured to make quick decisions
  • Reserved communication: 'strictly business' communicates accurate information and provides all sides of the issue
  • Demanding, critical and exact mindset
  • Needs opportunities to use/demonstrate 'know how' and expertise in finding creative solutions to
  • problems, with relative freedom from organizational involvements
  • Delegation is usually given to those who have proven to be highly dependable and precise
  • Leadership style likely involves high expectations for subordinates and a high degree of review following each task


The focus of this job centres around producing timely results that are high quality and accurate. Benefiting from an analytical, inquiring and critical mind, this job requires imagination and strong problem-solving skills, but with a strong technical orientation. The job requires an ability to deal with abstract concepts, systems and ideas and all of that in an organized and self-disciplined way. It also requires that serious consideration be given to all possibly related facts and potential problems. This job demands deep knowledge and expertise and to do it successfully depends on understanding detailed information. Intellectual confidence is important in this job and to do it well requires close, hands-on involvement, careful follow-up and very disciplined, and limited, delegation. This job is technically demanding and 'strictly business', with little need for influential people interactions. Central to this job is the need to weigh all decisions carefully and thoroughly, based on expertise in order to avoid unpredictable risk. Getting the job done and getting it done right are the two, equal, drivers for this job, and that may create conflict.