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Sustainability & Environment

We work to improve our world by constantly looking to improve ourselves: our knowledge; skills; methods.


At The Highfield Company, we have made a commitment to take accountability for our impact on the world and we will work hard in all we do to look after our world and give something back.

In regards to our responsibility towards the environment, from our inception, we have:

  • only utilised only 100% renewable electricity for all of our power needs - our electricity is supplied by Green Energy UK
  • all of out IT and electrical equipment is low energy
  • we recycle a high percentage of what we dispose of - in our office, under every desk is a recycling bin and a general waste bin. We actively monitor how much general waste we produce in an effot to cut it back.
  • we purchase products only from either sustainable or recycled sources where we can. Our tea and coffee are all fair trade.
  • we are almost a paper free environment - we only print where necessary and we recycle all print cartridges.
  • we encourage staff to cycle using a cycle-to-work scheme and to walk. We also provide loans for season tickets on public transport. 

This world is the only world we have and we actively look at ways to try to minimise our impact. We accept that we work in construction and engineering, which has a high impact on the planet, but we look to work with all of our clients in the most environmentally positive manner possible.

We are currently reviewing Carbon Offset schemes to cover those areas we cannot reduce further.