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IcFEM - Dreamland Hospital, Kenya

As our first partner charity in 2010, The Highfield Company started supporting a rural hospital in Western Kenya by sponsoring two key members of the medical team - a registered nurse and a lab technician, so that the hospital can focus on further medical outreach to the local community. The Highfield Company have funded these two staff for a period of six years, as well as other contributions, such as the installation of broadband internet for the entire hospital, enabling the medical staff to access key medical information and communication.

Below are details of each of the members of staff that The Highfield Company sponsors:

Agnes Makhanu - Registered NurseAgnes Makhanu - Registered Nurse
Agnes recently joined Dreamland as a replacement for Getfine who has moved away. Agnes is married to a Pastor and she comes from a village about an hour away from Dreamland, but stays at the hospital during her shifts. She trained as a pharmacist assistant between 1994-97, worked as a pharmacist assistant 2004-2007. She then trained as a nurse between 2007-2010. She is now a full Kenyan Registered Nurse. She has a very good clinical record and her extra skills in pharmacy will be very helpful especially at night and over the weekends. She has a special interest in children and those living below the poverty. Her first assignment with Dreamland was to be involved in a door to door Polio vaccination campaign.


Charles Wanyama - Lab Technician
Charles Wanyama - Lab Technician
Charles graduated in 2009. He worked as a locum at Lugulu mission hospital before working as a locum for Dreamland Medical Centre to help cover the medical outreach. The hospital has now been able to employ him full time. He will be part of the 7 day week lab rota at Dreamland and will play a significant role in the medical outreach service. He is also able to run the new blood transfusion service. He lives in a village about 45 minutes away from Dreamland and travels in each day by public transport. He is very committed to improving the services we offer at Dreamland. The hospital believes he will be a huge asset to the team.


In May 2011, two of The Highfield Company Team visited the hospital and saw the work that is done, as well as meeting the sponsored staff members - click here to read more

You can watch a video about Dreamland Medical Centre

Dreamland Mission Hospital from Alan Smith on Vimeo.