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Dreamland Hospital - Visit from the Team

Two of the company’s Directors, Toby Ball and Josh Young travelled to Kimilili in Kenya where the hospital is located to meet the sponsored staff at Dreamland Medical Centre. For both Toby and Josh, it was a real eye opening experience of how different life is in Africa and just how much our support has helped the local village and the local people.

Toby and Josh flew to the capital Nairobi and from there travelled on a small plane to the remote part of Kenya. They then travelled over roads, muddy terrain and through pot holes larger than either of them had ever seen before. Whilst in Kimilli, Toby and Josh were introduced to the local people and travelled to meet various families who required aid and care with IcFEM who are the local charity mission behind Dreamland. It is IcFEM who are working in rural areas developing and promoting local people to become self-supporting through community development.

They travelled to various villages where they were involved in building a well, covering walls of a house in mud, meeting families who are sick and in need of aid and assisting the medical outreach program. They also taught a lesson at a local school with Josh showing some of his football skills to the football mad children.

Whilst there Toby and Josh spent a lot of time at the hospital seeing and meeting people who had travelled a far for medical assistance. They spent time with both sponsored staff, Charles and Getfine, and it was seeing how motivated and happy these 2 members of staff were and how their work impacted massively for the local communities, that it proved the company’s support is making a huge difference to people’s lives.

The Highfield Company is continuing its relationship with the hospital and team out in Kimillili and since Toby and Josh’s return, there is future plans to assist with the planning of a sporting event as well as purchasing needed equipment.